5 Reasons Why Honda Monkey Makes a Great Buy

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Minibike is a great option for a vehicle if you are looking for a convenient and compact way to go around the town. Some popular choices would be Honda Ruckus, CSC City Slicker, Kawasaki Z125 Pro, or Coleman CT200U. For those of you who desire something more unique however, then Honda Monkey is the legendary icon that won’t let you down. Read five reasons why it will make a great option for you to buy in the following.

Reasons to Purchase Honda Monkey Minibike

  • It sports an iconic one-of-a-kind retro styling

The initial batch of Honda Monkey was released in 1961. Back then, it didn’t have front and rear suspension, and was powered by a 500cc motor. Now, around sixty years later, the still maintains its original retro styling – even with some upgraded touch to make it look not outdated. The appearance is a big plus for minibike enthusiasts who are into more modest and laid-back looks.

  • It has lightweight and compact body

With the weight that sits at 231 lbs., this mini motorcycle definitely falls to the more lightweight side – which makes it easy to control even at slower speeds. In addition, it feels really comfortable to ride because it has 4-inch suspension travel, both at the front and at the rear section. Moreover, it boosts easier ride in tight conditions due to the 45-inch wheelbase.

  • It is an impressively economic vehicle

Coming with a fuel tank size 1.5-gallon, will only cost you several bucks to fill up. Moreover, it truly has great fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency benefit is not exactly specified for this particular model by Honda, its manufacturer, but most experts estimated that with a full tank, it can bring you on approximately 200 miles of ride or 188 mpg.

  • It is sufficiently powerful for many types of roads

When you read the ’s engine specifications with 125cc engine, 9 horsepower, and 8.1 pound-foot of torque, it may not sound like the most impressive ones. However, when you consider how compact and lightweight it is, its ability to go up to 45 is quite amazing. Riders might even bring it to 55 mph when going on a downhill road.

  • It is affordable to purchase and maintain

At recent times, the sits at the price range around $4,000. This figure might be able to buy you an inexpensive, second-hand car – but then again, the new Monkey won’t get you as much hassle in the upcoming years like it will do with a used car that probably needs a lot of repair. On top of that, riding this mini motorbike sure will give you more challenge and fun.

The newest 2022 Honda Monkey is already confirmed to be released in the near future. It will have a bit higher ratio of compression that leads to slightly more power, but the size and model mostly stay the same. The fresh release even comes with upgraded 5-speed manual transmission, unlike the older model with 4-speed. Despite the model year that you want to purchase, you can find some model options at Scooter99.com that provides you with the best deals as the customer.