Best Features of Trike Harley

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The comfort of riding Trike Harley will make everyone proud. This kind of bike delivers the best riding for everyone, thanks to the three-wheel custom style.  Harley introduced Trike in various styles, in which each series has its own characteristic.

There is no doubt that the cost of Trike can be more expensive than other series of Harley like Sport or Cruise. But, it doesn’t make Trike’s aficionados stop pursuing it. Instead, they keep hunting the latest series of this incredible bike.

Series of Excellent Trike Harley

In 2022, there are four kinds of series of Trike.  Let’s start with the most eye-catching one, CVO Tri Glide. It is popular due to its striking red color. Its powerful performance is beyond compare. This magnificent three-wheeler offers unforgettable adventures on long-haul touring.

This series owns premium audio that enhances the fun of riding on elegant comfort features. The look of this bike is also very astounding, thanks to the glamorous finishing. The attention to detail on each part really makes riders proud.

However, other features of CVO Tri Glide are its backrest for the passenger seat, floorboards, fairing in fork-mounted style, trunk, and the availability of rider safety.  This is definitely for enthusiasts who love to ride on premium style three-wheel.

Definitely, CVO Tri Glide engine is very powerful with the Milwaukee-Eight® 117 V-Twin. It has the latest torque pinnacle of 3750 RPM torque. The power train displacement is also another plus. The engine performance is much better with the high-flow exhaust and breather intake which is perfectly tuned.

This series also offers outstanding infotainment, thanks to the color touchscreen entertainment system. The speakers are set in two fairing mounts, while riders will stay comfortable with a hidden radio antenna.  Riders can stay safe with the Bluetooth headset with incredible sound.

Some enhancements for safety include cornering enhanced anti-lock brake system and traction control system, along with other common safety systems of HD like tire pressure monitoring systems and so forth. This series is definitely for adventurers who want to enjoy luxury and comfortable riding with full entertainment facilities.

What Enthusiasts Love

HD aficionados won’t doubt in having Tri-Glide Ultra. This series is available in two kinds. One of them is the Enthusiast Collection in which it becomes the most expensive HD ever. 

Tri Glide Ultra which enthusiasts hunt for looks amazing with Mineral Green Denim Deluxe.  This series commemorates the tribute of the US Armed Forces who used Harley Davidson for their war effort. The fact is that this series honor the riders’ community who still serve in the US Army.

The color has such military inspired strong look. Of course, the features are not less comfortable with the high level of safety. The performance of this bike ensures pride, along with total comfort for the long tour trip.

Besides the very big space of storage, this series also offers comfort for passengers with a backrest, floorboards, and also entertainment accessories.

Other series of Trike Harley include Freewheeler and Tri Glide Ultra. Both of them are as stunning as the two aforementioned series. There is no doubt that Harley Davidson really pampers its enthusiasts with total luxury, comfort, and safety assurance.