Honda Monkey 2021 Your Compact Ride with Eccentric Retro Touch

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Honda monkey may not sound like a common ride for many, thanks to its mini size if compared to other motorcycles. However, if you are that kind of motorcycle fan, this piece will be that kind of much-anticipated product. Now that Honda comes back with its slightly larger size still embedded in its vintage look, this motorcycle will make you scream out of desire to have it. Wondering what the 2021-version of Honda Monkey got for you, here’s some information about it.

Getting Acquainted with 2021 Honda Monkey: Hippy Vintage Motorcycle, Making You to Drool Over It

Mini ride with massive admiration: that’s how to describe Honda Monkey simply. A newly-released version in 2021 comes in town, so what about getting acquainted with this motorbike? Starting from its facade to its inner sources of admiration, let’s take a peep to what Honda offers this time!

  1. Outside Look

It’s common for people to have a liking over a vehicle due to its facade; to mention one aspect, it’s the color. Honda Monkey 2021 comes in two colors: pearl nebula red and pearl glittering blue (standard model). ABS model of this bike only comes in pearl nebula red. The previously pearl shining black and banana yellow no longer come as the options.

  1. Specifications
  • Engine type

With its 125-cc displacement, is equipped with 4-speed transmission. Start the machine with electric starter and run with its fuel-injected machine. You’ll save bucks for gas cost with this motorcycle. Despite the size, this motorcycle is pretty agile to be taken for wandering the city on 65 mph. 

  • Tires, braking and suspension

Starting low from its tires, stands strong upon 120/80 x 12 and 130/80 x 12 Vee rubber tires. Completing its non-adjustable 31-mm inverted fork with 3.9” travel front suspension and non-adjustable shocks with 4.1” travel as the rear suspension, Nissin caliper brakes are installed. The calipers are also perfected by embedding along 220mm disc (front brake) and 190mm disc (rear brake).

  • Fuel capacities and other dimensions

This motorcycle isn’t only excelling its retro-looks. Cozy one-passenger seat is installed on 30.6-inch seat height. With a fuel capacity of 1.5 gallons and fuel-injection system, you should not worry anymore about excessive fuel spending. Lastly, its curb weight is 232 pounds, including standard equipment, full tank of fuel, and other much-needed fluids).

  1. Featured features in 2021 version

Its 125-cc engine may sound common for larger motorcycle, yet not for this compactly-designed Honda Monkey. The fuel injection system makes it better by making the fuel spending more effective, therefore you shouldn’t dwell about extravagant bucks allocated for fuel only.

Another featured thing from 2021 Honda Monkey is its ABS model. ABS itself stands from Anti-lock Braking System. It is a big help to control braking in less-ideal situations, be it wet pavement or muddy surfaces. Hence, that creates a big addition for the bike especially if you’re still new to riding it.

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