Mini Sidecar Buying Guide for a Beginner

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If you're looking for a motorbike's optional accessory that lets you make more of the vehicle, then a sidecar can be a considerable option. A mini sidecar will help you to take your family members or closest friends on a great motorcycle ride. However, finding one with good suitability to your riding needs and vehicle is a crucial key. How can you possibly discover and purchase the right sidecar? The brief guide in the following will show you how.

Several Tips to Properly Buy a Mini Sidecar

Before you make a decision to buy a mini sidecar, here are some considerations that you have to take into your account:

  • How the sidecar will be used

The essential first step into considering buying this additional motorbike feature is to know what it will be used for. For example, is it going to be used on a regular basis? Is it going to carry a lot of your luggage? Is it going to be used for passengers who require easy access or full protection? You need to think about where you are planning to use the sidecar to, because the one that is suitable for rural uneven roads wouldn't be the same as the one that's supposed to be used for smooth motorways. By having clear ideas about the exact use of your sidecar, you will be able to search for best-match models and specifications, which lead to the second point.


  • What model of sidecar fits the best with your motorcycle

Mini sidecar functionality, design and technology have been evolved over time - which you need to consider when trying finding the most suitable model. A heavier sidecar obviously won't be a match for a lightweight vehicle, and vice versa. To find the best sidecars according to the weight and size of your vehicle, the professional at scooter99 will be more than happy to help you.


  • Do you want to buy a brand-new or secondhand sidecar

Budget might play the biggest role for this consideration as a new sidecar can be quite costly. However, it is all down to your preferences and requirements - that can also change the more you become an experienced motorcycle rider. Regardless, it is always better to purchase it from a reputable dealer like Scooter99 than wandering off of eBay.


  • How experienced you are as a motor biker

Riding a motorbike with a is not the same as riding motorbike only, and you're most likely already know that. Riding it may not be a rocket science, but you definitely will need hours of practice and advice before you can become a comfortable rider.

There are few options available when it comes to learning how to ride a motorbike with a sidecar. You may be able to ask some proper advice from trustworthy dealers such as Scooter99 that’s also willing to help you get started.

In general, with street-legal motorcycle mini sidecar, you are only required to have a standard driver's license. That being said, again, it is more than attaching a feature and then simply driving your motorbike away, so make sure you find the one that's fitted properly with your vehicle to ensure a safe ride all the way.