Mini Sidecar Description History and Functions

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Sidecar has been there for nearly as long as motorcycle itself has existed. There are various types available, but one of the most constantly popular one is the mini sidecar. You may read the following article to gain insight into this specific type of motorcycle attachment to decide whether it is a good choice for you to get.

Things to Know Before Purchasing A Mini Sidecar

  • What is a sidecar?

A sidecar is a motorcycle attachment, usually comes with only one wheel. It allows the driver to bring more passengers with their vehicle. The motorbike then turns into a three-wheeled vehicle since the has one extra wheel. You may have heard it being referred by various other names such as a hack, a rick, an outfit, or combination.

Sidecars’ popularity blew up early as it is considered as more practical and more affordable alternative to a car, not to mention that it is fun to ride. Beyond being used to transport persons, it is also commonly utilized to support works such as package sending in rural area or to assist recreational activities like fishing or hunting.

  • When the sidecar was invented and by who?

The history of the sidecars goes way back to the late 1800. During this time in France, there was a competition in the newspaper that encourages the readers to find out the best way to bring passengers on motorbike. Some invented back attachment as well, but it turns out the side design made by M. Bertoux was selected as the winner.

A decade later, Mr. WJ Graham who lives in Middlesex, UK, claimed a patent of the sidecar. Earlier models were manufactured by The Rogers Sidecar Company.

  • How the sidecars work?

The fact that sidecar’s side wheel is actually not aligned directly to the motorcycle’s rear wheel may surprise a lot of people. That’s what makes it different than a tricycle motor, in which the rear wheels share an identical axle. Think of a sidecar as a wheel and a frame, where you can attach the frame to the motorbike, so the motorbike still can work even if you detach the sidecar.

Typically, the can only carry one passenger with tiny trunk compartment in its back area. However, it is also not exactly rare for the sidecars to be designed with capability to carry larger cargo. In most cases, the sidecar is meant to be on the side where it’s closer to the side of the road than the middle of it, so most of them are attached on the motorcycle’s right side.

  • How does one drive with a sidecar?

One of the consequences of utilizing a sidecar is that it makes the motorcycle asymmetrical. As mentioned, it is typically attached on the bike’s right side, so the bike will go slower if it takes turn to the right compared to the left. You have to monitor the speed carefully when turning right.

Despite not being exactly a mainstream item, it is not hard to find a sidecar to buy, as available at The mini sidecar might not have the best reputation out there due to safety concerns, but it does serve the function if you know how to handle it well.