The Breakdowns of Honda Monkey Essential Features and Specifications

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The title of the coolest mini motorbike on today’s marketplace plausibly falls to the Honda Monkey. This mini-bike is designed to appear stylish, but it also brings competence and value to the table. Read further about what makes this particular motorcycle stands out amongst its competitor.

What You Need to Know About the Honda Monkey

  • Styling

The 2022 Honda Monkey had been launched and it is back with the classic appearance. Even though it is derived from Honda Groom, the model is designed to be entirely retro-looking minibike with calls back to the original.

This time round, it comes with three color options: Pearl Nebula Red, Pearl Glittering Blue, and Banana Yellow. It carries portion of sharp-edged sport bike due to the chrome, metal, and stitching. No more of those plastic-faired seats which are common nowadays, instead it brings the flat-shaped seat. The old-school style enthusiasts must be pleased with this throwback and they have all the right to.

Despite the ‘mini’ status bears, the model’s handlebars are designed to be sufficiently wide to provide comfort for the driver. The turn signal, taillights, and headlights are already available in LED, which makes them more long-lasting. As if the retro sense it provides is not enough, the bike also comes with 70s-esque round lamp design. An LCD is also planted on the instrument panel so the rider has easier time to check it.

  • Capability

The Honda Monkey is an accurately capable bike. The brand new engine carries longer stroke, narrower bore, and higher compression ratio. It is equipped with one-cylinder four-stroke two-valve SOHC engine, which has a 125 cc capacity and features air cooled system. The engine is capable of generating an optimum power of 6.9 kW @ 7,000 rpm. In addition, it also boasts an optimum torque of 11 Nm @ 5,250 rpm. It uses PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection as the combustion system.

This engine already acquired Euro 4 certification, that signifies about how it works extremely smoothly due to the fact that it generates less pollutants, therefore it an environmentally friendly option. It comes with four-speed manual transmission system as well that has configuration of 1-N-2-3-4. Moreover, as if it’s not classic enough, it features manual clutch as well.

  • Value

The heavy classing feelings brought by the makes it a treasured hunt for interested collectors, which may explain its exorbitant price. It costs more or less similar to cheaper electric mountain bike, which doesn’t last as long or look as good. So, considering the value it provides, there’s a small chance you’ll regret to purchase this durable vehicle.

The Honda Monkey is a model with petite size, awesome appearance, and compact weight, as you can see on the page of There is no doubt that it will make a fun choice to buy and ride, whether you are an amateur in motorcycle industry or a seasoned veteran. By reading the engine component of this specific model above, you can conclude that it carries sufficient power to bring you riding around the town in a fashionable mode. Despite it all, it makes a non-intimidating bike for anyone who’s new to motorcycle and willing to try.