Useful Tips to Remember if You’re Planning to Rent Vespa

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For those of you who have spent time on destination places that specifically cater to tourists, you must’ve already noticed plenty of people who get around by riding vespa and scooter. Vespa is an economical, not to mention pretty fun way to bring you to one place to another – compared to car or taxis. Below, you’d find five helpful tips to rent vespa, anywhere you are planning to travel next.

How to Rent Vespa and Ride It in Safe

Here is a guide to read if you want to rent vespa in the safest and best way possible:

  1. Examine the vespa elements

There are various parts of vespa and scooter that are necessary to be checked before you even leave the rental place. Inspect if the tires are completely inflated, the ignition and brake are properly working, the lights and turn indicators function well to help you see in dark, the gauges are fully operational – but the gauges are often amongst the first components to break. Also, you may want to observe damage on the seats or fenders.


  1. Wear safety helmet

It doesn’t worth to take unnecessary risks. Helmet is an item to keep your safety, but it’s also a law obligation in several countries. You need to ensure that the helmet is in suitable size with your head, without being too loose or too tight. It’s quite easy to find places that provide a set with helmet, and they usually don’t charge extra costs for it.


  1. Remember to refuel the vespa

It should be the main concern to keep your vespa’s tank filled. Majority of models come with gas tank in a gallon capacity – enough to take you on roughly 60 km of riding. The gas gauge should never go under a quarter of liter, or else you may encounter starter issues. You can get the gas from gas stations, and if you travel into Southeast or South Asian countries, it’s common to find roadside gas sellers.


  1. Be careful about road quality

Now, bike is a much more sensitive vehicle compared to cars. It’s important to be aware of dangerous potholes on street – they may cause you to crash, so make sure to stay away. Roads full with dirt may also cause instability and dodging, resulting in potential slide over for the bike. You need to be alert of patches on the road as well and approach them all with thorough caution.


  1. Be mindful about the driving etiquette

This point may vary greatly between country to country even between busy city and a more laid-back touristy area on the same country. When you’re lodged in small islands, there are more of rooms and they are relatively safer to drive around. Whereas, you need to drive far slower the far slower in cities due to the traffic streams, not to mention the difference of road volume.

It can be a really enjoyable experience to rent vespa and ride it around. To know more about the vehicle models and other further information about them, you may visit Scooter99. Have fun and stay safe!