Vespa Sidecar and the Details about the Special Vehicle

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If you are thinking about having a Vespa sidecar (and you probably realize that you are going to deal with custom service for it), then you need to understand what it takes to have a sidecar and how much you are going to spend for it. Sure, a sidecar can give your passenger a more convenient ride while riding around your Vespa, but then again, you will have to deal with the custom service. In most cases, not only you will have to spend extra, but you will also have to be ready with the long waiting time.


Understanding a Sidecar

In general terms, a sidecar means a type of car being attached to a motorcycle’s side for the passenger. For a more specific detail, it’s a one-wheeled device (or a type of a vehicle) that is attached to the side of a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle. In the end, it creates a total three-wheeled vehicle. A motorcycle having a sidecar is commonly called an outfit, a hack, a rig, or a combination.


The Sidecar of a Modern Vespa

So, you have a Vespa and you are thinking about having a sidecar to it. The problem is: Modern Vespas don’t have sidecars. They simply aren’t designed with those sidecars. That’s why you need to have a custom Vespa sidecar job. Just because the manufacturer doesn’t produce a Vespa with sidecars, it doesn’t mean that you can’t attach one.


However, be advised that the process itself isn’t easy. Vespa doesn’t make designs for sidecar attachments for their products. It means that whoever responsible for the custom project needs to know what they are doing. They need to be experienced in doing it. Is the job for beginners or newbies? Definitely not! The process won’t be simple where you can easily bolt on the kit on the car to your Vespa just like that. As it was mentioned before, you need to consult a seriously professional installer who can perform custom service in the best quality only.


What to Find from a Service

First of all, the service provider needs to understand vehicle modification. Since Vespa doesn’t support designs for the sidecar or whatsoever, some tweaks may be required. If the service doesn’t understand vehicle modification, then you basically put your Vespa in ‘danger’ – and you may risk losing more money.


The provider should also be familiar with the unique condition of the Vespa, including each type and variant. They should be able to provide insight, information, and even suggestion of what to do. Since they are the pro, they know better than their clients; allowing them to cater to their clients’ requirements without compromising the performance. They should have portfolios of their work and also reviews of their work.


One of them is, a trade company that is specializing in Vespa. Not only they can help with Vespa rent or vehicle sales, but they can also help with custom sidecars creation and making. If you want to have a professional quality for your Vespa sidecar project, you should contact them.