5 Things to Do Prior to Purchasing Your First Mini Sidecar

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Having sidecars attached on your Honda Mini may have been just a dream. However, you only live once, so no more dreaming and let’s start working on it by ordering your first Mini sidecar. Wondering what kind of advice you need to know before hitting that ‘order’ button? Find out some of it on this article below.

Advice that Mini Sidecar Owner Wish to Know before They Purchase Theirs

These advices mentioned below may be cliché for some; but some advice reps won’t do harm, right? So, instead of dodging your ears completely from it, you should consider getting it deeply attached to your mindset.

First thing to know is the main material of your Mini sidecar. Just like other sidecars, sidecars for Honda Mini are commonly made by combining seamless tube pipe and fiberglass as its body. Why not metal body? Unless you want your sidecar to burden your scooter, it’s best to stick with light-weight material. Fiberglass is one great example for that.

Despite it being an attachment easily made by many, you still need to consider trusting a specific manufacturer in order to build your sidecar. In finding your right Mini sidecar manufacturer, you may rethink about this before deciding taking one’s service:

  1. Indicate your reason why you need that sidecar

Knowing the roots why you want to attach a is important. After all, your sidecar will be fabricated to be parallel with your needs. That said, you need to point out what the sidecar is for first. Is it for another human passenger, or is it a canine one? Is it required to bring stuff, or is it used to be a unique way of advertise your business? Clarify the reason first before proceeding with the further procedure.

  1. Try to draw your design yourself

You may have no degree in design—doodling is for everyone. Take this creative process seriously to ensure the design you want to embed to your future . Remember, you don’t even have to be a prodigy in drawing to design it.

  1. Research and always research again

Researching comes with the need to know which material suits the sidecar’s interior best. For passenger’s sidecar, you may consider several materials for its upholstery. Researching means to find the average price for fabricating such sidecar as well.

  1. Find several experienced fabricators with thumbs-up reviews

Here comes the most difficult step: finding the trustable and experienced fabricator. You may consider finding several providers so you can choose only the best; especially in terms of budget and quality.

  1. Bring your idea and brainstorm it with the service provider

Once you’ve determined which fabricator whose service is affordable, trustable, and high in quality, the next step is to bring your idea to the service provider. Discuss anything about the design, its feasibility, working time, as well as the pricing. If possible, be flexible and ask the fabricator’s opinion as well. Such brainstorming will help to formulate the best design of Mini sidecar.

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