A Different Model of Vintage Motorcycle Sidecar

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It’s not a tricycle bike, not a three-wheeled car, or even a weird motorbike. Sidecars are exceptional one-wheeled vehicles that, unfortunately, are not for everyone. However, suppose you consider yourself a rider who loves to ride vintage motorcycles on a long trip. In that case, you will undoubtedly find this sidecar impeccable to be mounted to your antique vehicles.

Unluckily, many automobile manufacturers, such as Harley Davidson, have canceled this archaic transportation production for the public. Even so, you can get the custom made versions in Scooter99. Interested in ordering it? However, before doing that, it’s vital to know four categories of sidecars, so you can decide which model fits your preference best.

Sidecar Types for Today’s Motorcycles

  1. Sport Sidecars

This is the most popular design of sidecar available at the moment. Sport sidecars are generally available in single-seat with open top seats. Therefore, this model is relatively lightweight and ideal for bikes of all medium sizes. Some designs feature seat storage or boot, and others usually come with fabric and screen covers, so it can be used in any weather conditions.

  1. Military Sidecars

This design is equivalent to Jeeps. It has a robust body that is specifically constructed to handle rough conditions during a long trip. The whole construction is made of high-quality steel, and therefore it’s relatively heavier than other designs.

Suppose you would like to have a sidecar that can accommodate a passenger. In that case, this military model is not the right option for you as it is more focused on toughness and versatility. Additional attachments such as the spare wheel, external gas tank, and ammunition containers will be useful for various uses. This transportation is suitable for carrying goods or touring.

  1. Saloon Sidecars

This model was popular from the 1930s to 1940s since cars were exorbitant for most people. These wheelers had been specifically designed for cost-effective transport of individuals and families. Unlike other models, this sidecar model came with an enclosed area for the passengers and was consequently quite huge.

Even a version with one single seat was still considerably large as it’s used to provide adequate headroom, so it’s highly anticipated that it will have a relatively large front section. The plus points of these versions are that their passenger comfort and load capability. Some larger versions were even able to accommodate a family with their luggage.

The majority of saloon sidecars that are still available today are second-hand. The Busmar Astral and Canterbury with room for three adults are among the largest antique versions. Yet, the Watsonian is a more recent model and is fairly large to accommodate four passengers or more.

  1. Custom made sidecars

There are also customized sidecars. Many people create for a particular purpose; probably transport two kids, a passenger with disabilities, or a specific cargo crate. Others are specially designed for outdoor adventure or to re-design a retro model. Either way, which model of sidecar you want will entirely depend on how it looks on your motorbike, the number of passengers you want, and the budget.