All Types of Motorcycle Sidecar You Need to Know

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A motorcycle sidecar is something that you need to have when you want your vehicle to have useful modification. There are a lot of things that people can do about their motorcycle when it comes to custom modification. One of them is to add a sidecar. This modification is highly useful and won’t waste any money. Interested? Keep reading to understand the type of sidecar to have on the vehicle.

Every Motorcycle Sidecar Type Exists Today

One of the first things that you need to understand about motorcycle sidecar is its types. There are several common types of the sidecar and each one of them has its own function. If you like to have a sidecar added to the motorcycle in the near future, these are the types of the extra space next to the vehicle that you need to know.

  1. Saloon Sidecar

It is the most old-fashioned and classic type. This is the sidecar with the design of a box. Inside the box is like the inside of the car with seat and window. This sidecar is heavy and massive. It looks like carriage and that is why it is not popular these days. It takes spaces and deemed as not practical.


  1. Sport Sidecar

Sport sidecar is the type of where the extra space is considered to be lighter, smaller, and more affordable. It has simpler design, most likely is like a bullet shape. Normally, it can carry one passenger. Some people like to add a windshield on the front because this sidecar does not have any type of shield around.


  1. Military Sidecar

Back then when the world was at war, motorcycles were modified into war vehicle in which a sidecar would be added to carry extra soldiers. The soldiers on the sidecar would be firing weapons while the other one on the vehicle was to ride it. Military sidecar still exists these days. However, they are quite rare.


  1. Capsule Sidecar

If you like riding simpler type of motorcycle, like scooter-based ones, you will most likely use a in the form of capsule. This is the simplest form of the extra space in which the one-seat sidecar is joined with the vehicle with nothing else to it. This type of sidecar is also most likely to be removable.


  1. Custom Build Sidecar

Custom build is basically done according to your preference. All you need to do is to come to the store and ask for any type of sidecar you prefer. It can be in any shapes and with any features. You can add windshield, cushion seat, arm seat, and many more to the side car.

Even though there are so many types of the extra space, not all of them are available easily these days. You need to contact the best custom store for motorcycle to make sure that any of those types of sidecar is available. The most common one to find is the capsule one and it is probably what you are going to get as your motorcycle sidecar.