Get to Know Honda Monkey Look a like: Honda Mini Cup

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If you love to have a ride, wandering the city all by yourself, then Honda Mini Cup is a great pick. Classic and antique look sums up this Honda motorbike’s appearance. Its small body makes it similar to Honda Monkey, but this mini cup has this ‘geeky’ look – in relevance with the characteristics of many pre-2000 Honda motorbikes.

Although Honda Super Cup has its smaller version officially manufactured by Honda, such as C100 and C102, Honda Mini Cup is more stylish because it is a modified product. So, it is not a surprise that its appearance is modern, shiny color with antique built.

What modification does this Honda motorbike have?

  1. First of all, the height of Honda Mini Cup is way lower. From the very first sight, the easiest part to notice is its tires. For this motorbike, the tires size is similar to ones in Honda Monkey. Or, if modified more, it may even be smaller as it uses Vespa’s 8” tires.
  2. The whole body is cut, modified, and adjusted to fit the smaller size of front and back suspension. It also includes adjusting the fender, wings, chain, and even the dashboard.
  3. What about the seat? Since the size is much smaller than its ‘older brother’ Honda C70, then the most logical thing is to reduce the seating size as well. It is made to be proportionally matching the size of the motorcycle itself. Hence, the motorbike can only accommodate one adult passenger.
  4. Head and tail lights are also made smaller, as well as the turn signals.
  5. Color – the classic Honda Super Cup has red and white as its main color. With a modern modification, you have a chance to pick a color befitting your preferences.

You might ask, then what’s left from the original Honda Super Cup? Actually, almost all modification is done to reduce the size. Hence, the look is relatively twinning (except the color), but the size is reduced. Aside from that, the smaller size of the seating makes riding with a company will be a hassle.

However, despite its small body, this motorbike is compatible to be attached with a sidecar. This makes it possible to carry more person than having only narrow seat to accommodate one rider only. If you want your ride to be state of the art, having a sidecar attached might be a good trick.

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