Everything to Understand about Harley Davidson and Sidecar

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Harley Davidson is one of the most famous motorcycle brands all around the world. This American motorbike produce large, sporty-look bikes and it has started decades ago. As it is common these days for motorbike to use sidecars, what about this particular brand? Learn more about them down below and you will figure out the answer.


Harley Davidson Sidecar Information


Sidecar is always used these days for aesthetic value of the motorbike or for functional purposes, like carrying extra passengers or carrying a pet. Also, the sidecar can also be used for extra luggage space. However, since Harley Davidson has wide variety of products, including cruisers and touring bike, of course the sidecar will be needed there, too. Here is more information about it.


  1. History of Harley Davidson Sidecars

The history of and sidecar starts in 1914. Back then, it was World War I and the US Army order more than 2,000 motorcycles from the company for the purpose of the war. Of course, sidecar was considered mandatory for motorbikes during the war as it could be casually used to carry a soldier or load weapons on the side.


In 1915, most of the bikes were already completed by sidecars and the sidecars were specifically designed for machine-gun mounts. They were used in the infamous US Army operation of Pancho Villa during the World War I. After the war and to this day, sidecar has been considered as mandatory accessory for the hog.


  1. The Sidecar Benefits

According to those who have been riding a with a sidecar, they find a lot of benefits from the extra accessory. First, they think that it will be better for the passenger to sit on the side of the motorbike instead of on the back. They won’t have to sit in uncomfortable position for hours. Second, the sidecar gives extra space for their belongings, too. It is surely useful especially for the hog designed for long road adventure.


  1. The Best Models for Sidecars

Harley Davidson is basically a motorbike perfect for the sidecar. The sidecar can be installed both on the right side and the left side. All models of the car are suitable for the attachment. As for the favorite types of the bike to have the sidecar are including the classic GP700, GP Manx and Monza.


  1. Getting Sidecar for the Hog

When you consider getting the sidecar, you should always consider going to the best place. We all know that HD or this hog motorbike is expensive and adding accessory to it won’t be cheap either. Thus, consider getting the best one instead of wasting your money in disappointing result at the end.


Now you know everything about sidecar and its usage on this infamous motorcycle brand. You can consider having one if you ride a Hog at home. Remember that using the sidecar will give numerous advantages as it has been mentioned above. That's why you should always consider adding sidecar to your Harley Davidson bike for better usage and look