Best Harley Sparepart Offers for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

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Harley Sparepart might be one of the most important components that you should know where to get from, if you own the motorcycle. Also known as service parts or replacement part, the sparepart is an interchangeable component to use for broken units or to keep as inventory. The components typically are mass produced by the manufacturer or supply chain management. To know more about some components that you may get and buy, read the following list below.

List of Several Harley Sparepart to Purchase

  1. Transmission gears

The first that you are able to get is the transmission gears. The motorcycle needs engine to create a specific amount of power, in order to get control of the wheels.


Transmission is used to deliver the power, through the structure of the gears and some other components such as the drive system. The rider could move from zero speed to maximum by the help of the gearset, comprised from four or six gears that moved correspondingly to shift the transmission.


  1. Fuel tank assembly

Fuel tank assembly is consisted of integrated model of fuel, tank straps, and steel tank as sparepart combination solution. By using the assembly, you could cut some money on labor cost and purchasing parts, as well as reducing contamination risk from partial replacement.


The most common reason to change the fuel tank is rust, corrosion or contamination issues inside the system. Physical damage is also a typical reason which would require the owner to do some parts replacement.


  1. Wheel assembly

Wheel assembly is what keeps the wheels turn freely when you steer and keep the wheel attached to your motorcycle. This has traction control system and anti-lock braking system. You may find some sparepart with speed sensor to control the braking system, resulting in better management of how slow or how fast you want the wheels to turn.


You’d find the wheel assembly between brake drum and drive axle, attached to the steering knuckle or the bolts. If you get your Harley serviced, the mechanic will remove the wheel, brake caliper, and the brake rotor to reveal it.


  1. Air cleaner assembly

Air cleaner assembly or also known as air filter is another that owners are able to purchase. High quality air cleaner kit would provide better performance than stock air cleaner. However, you have to clean the filter regularly because the elements of it are exposed.


The air cleaner is located right below the fuel tank, on the right side of your vehicle. You just need to take the filter by turning in the counter clockwise direction for the screwdriver. Inspect for any dirt or oil existed on the filter. If it looks like it cannot be fixed or cleaned, then you can ask for the mechanics to change it with the sparepart.

Harley sparepart that are available on the market might be rare and pricy. Browse the best offers in terms of the price on the online site or ask directly about what you want or need for your motorcycle.