Honda Monkey Specs and More Details: A Hip, Classic Bike that Suits Modern Riders

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The newest classic Honda Monkey is coming to the town! In the early 2020, Honda launched its monkey minibike series. Well, minibikes are getting more famous as it often pops out in many Japanese box office film. Its delicate design also makes it become unforgettable. Many people attest that the bike is very unique in design, somewhat vintage with modern touch here and there. From its plenty features, it is reasonable enough to set the price quite high. But still, though whimsical, it never runs out of people’s attantion.


Honda Monkey Details, a Modern Minibike with Classic Look


Small ride and huge admiration is how to describe Honda Monkey in short words. As previously mentioned, the bike has just released a couple of months ago. Get to know with this bike by reading some facts about Honda Monkey below.


  • Color

Have someone that is crazy about a certain color? Color is somehow a trivial thing that can drive people excited or totally discouraged. And that goes too in the automotive world. Honda provides three elegant colors for , which stands out of the crowd. The colors are Pearl Nebula red, Banana yellow, Pearl shining black.


  • Specifications
  1. Ignition type, engine type, lighting, and fuel consumption

Unlike ancient bikes, this bike offers its users to start the engine with full-transistorized. It means just press that electric ignition button, and there you go. As for the engine type, the bike’s engine is relying on air-cooled engine, which also happens to be a 4-stroke machine. For the headlight, the manufacturer installed LED round lamp, as well as the tail lamp.

The fuel tank capacity for this bike is 5.6 L. is quite ‘frugal’ in the term of fuel consumption. Per liter, it can go as far as 67 km on WMTC mode, a riding mode which is established to portray riding patterns in real life. uses 125 cc PGM-FI already. So you don’t have to worry about its fuel consumption. This PGM-FI feature enables the rider to inject the right amount of fuel into the combustion engine. Hence you can cut the expenses for fuel.

  1. Weight, Tire Size, and Panel Meter

This minibike weighs only around 107 kg; of course it is because of its mini size. Compared to a light-weighted bike trailer, it’s still far behind, since the average one usually weighs around 137 kg. While common bike usually weighs around 180 kg. As for the tire bike, this bike is using 12 inch tire. Though the look can be somehow vintage, Honda, as the manufacturer, put a cool digital panel meter to this bike. So, you can know the exact velocity as you rev up.

  1. Other specifications

Like several other Honda-manufactured bike, there is this ‘Answer Back’ system which allows you to ‘call’ your bike. Like, being at one crowded mall’s parking lot – you can press that answer back button on the control attached with the key. Also, this cool bike provides you with anti-theft system. Sounds cool, right?

Indeed, Honda Monkey can be your prime choice of new motorcycle. Besides having cool appearance, it also has plenty of nice features that you can show off. Also, if you think to own a sidecar, modifying this bike is possible too. Try contacting as the well-known bike sidecar provider. So, what else to wait for?