Honda Monkey Sidecar

Posted by scooter 01/07/2020 0 Comment(s) News,

Honda Monkey 125 entered the category as a Mini bike because of its tiny shape. In dimensions Honda Monkey 125 is similar to the Honda MSX 125 or Groom. But of course there are standard differences between the two namely design. Honda Monkey 125 is more muscular with the presence of a large enough tire and rounded headlight shape with the exhaust that is next to the sticky seat ...

Honda Monkey 125 equipped with 125 SOHC engines 2 valves 4 speed PGM FI air conditioner. The cylinder head also sleeps not vertically unlike motorsport. The engine is capable of spewing power up to 9.3PS @ 7000RPM and torque of 11Nm @ 5,250 RPM. Moreover, the weight of the Honda Monkey 125 is only 107kg ... lightly right. To control its power, Honda relies on a tiny frame but a rigid backbone frame model. 

This mini sidecar does fit with Monkey bike. Available from fiberglass material and Aluminum material. The frame works come with soft suspension and strong seemless tube.