Cool Sidecar Kit as Amazing Addition to Your Motorcycle

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Sidecar kit has long history of accompanying motorcycle since more than a century long by now. Although its main utilization has shifted from means of transportation for war purposes, it is now used for various purposes such as delivery tools, carrying your pets around, or as stranded motorists’ aids.

Its popularity has gone through the highs and lows, with the peak around 20s and once again in 70s. Here are some of the models that still survived and able to be purchased right now.

Sidecar Kit for Various Motorbike Models

  1. Sidecar for Vespa

Since modern Vespa is no longer designed with attached sidecar, the best option is to get a custom installation. Made from impossible to rust fiberglass materials, this detachable is both lightweight enough in terms of weight and strong enough to hold weight up to 170 lbs. The interior is designed with carpet layered in order to be comfortable and pleasant. It is spacious enough for an adult and equipped with extra helmet storage. It also has rain cover as protection.


  1. Sidecar for Scooter

This is built to go with scooter with around 125cc to 150cc engine. The third wheel addition would make your riding experience easier. It designed as an open trunk with good quality windscreen. You’d be provided a comfortable ride because the sidecar has amazing suspension on its own to support the scooter. The smaller size to match the petite scooter resulted in more affordable price compared to other model.


  1. Sidecar for Motorcycle

Get a sense of how different it is to ride a motorcycle with sidecar than the standard two wheeled vehicles. It designed with flexibility in mind, so you wouldn’t have to face issues with it when turning or when riding on uneven road. The motorcycle’shas proper stability and comfortable grip. It retails at nice price considering that the capacity is roomier to occupy the passenger.


  1. Sidecar for Harley Davidson

The high-quality sidecar that specifically built for Harley Davidson is the ultimate sturdy and lightweight drifters. Considering that the quality needs to be fitted to the pricey bike, it is made by the best craftsmanship only. The frame is made from strong fiberglass, all handmade. It is manufactured with 4 mm resin and 4 steel flat bars tub. You are free to ask for help in shipping, stripping, and assembling the sidecar.

There are multiple benefits of attaching sidecar kit to your two wheels vehicle. No more lonely rides because you are to take your best buddy or partner on exciting motorcycle trips. A lot of people are unsurprisingly felt uncomfortable with being passenger on the bike, so the sidecar is a nice solution. Be prepared to receive spotlight and more interest because the drifter is making such an appealing topic to talk about, especially if you order it in retro or vintage style, which could gather natural attraction to anyone seeing it. Last but not least, the capacity gives you capability to carry more luggage and travel on your own for at least couple of weeks in autonomy.