What You Need to Know Before Riding a Mini Scooter

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There is no denying that riding scooter and mini scooter can be fun. Moreover, it is a cheap and convenient choice of transportation. Commuting by the two wheels means you can eliminate the time expense on traffic and money spending on gas. Now, it is actually not really complicated to learn how to drive one – but indeed, it requires some practice. There are several essential elements that you need to be aware of before you can properly ride around. Below, you may read some tips on how to get a grip on driving a scooter on any size, including the mini one.

Important Tips to Read before Your Ride a Mini Scooter

  1. Put on the helmet

To put on helmet when riding a is more than being obedient of the law. The fact is, coming off of a scooter carries a high risk of harming and injuring yourself regardless of the speed. Instead of taking a risk of getting fatally injured, it’s always best to stay safe and wear the proper safety measurement.


  1. Keep up the balance

Scooter is basically just another type of bike, so remember the first rule of learning how to ride a bike? Balance. Use your legs to stabilize yourself when learning how to drive a scooter. Automatic scooter can be turned on by simultaneously holding the right break and the ignition down. Then, plant your feet on the floor, set the breaks free and carefully move the accelerator to get the scooter move forward.


  1. Build up the speed

The slower you drive, the shakier your is going to be. You may feel like going as slow as it possibly allows at first, but it is important to get into the right speed so you’ll experience the feeling of your scooter getting stabilized as it glides and you also will be used to the balanced feeling.


  1. Get familiar with the accelerator

Now that you get yourself balanced during the ride, you may try to turn the accelerator handle to experiment with different speeds. Be gentle though. Keep the accelerating movements at reasonable pace instead of going drastic.


  1. Take a caution with sudden acceleration when breaking

When someone gets into faster speed than they were meant to for the first time, it is common for them to slam down the breaks so hard. However, there is a possibility that they mistake the breaks for accelerator handle or hitting both at the same time. You need to watch out for this frequent error to be happened, or else you’re taking a risk to fly over the handlebars.

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