Scooter Sidecar Accessory Options

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You might be one of scooter rider who is interested in installing a scooter sidecar. This attachment does not only serve aesthetical purposes. It is actually very functional. You can fit another rider conveniently in the cart, such as kids or pets or even another adult. The cart can also serve as storage space if you are required to carry plenty of items from one place to another. There are many things that you need to learn if you want to install it, including the accessories.

Accessory Options for Scooter Sidecar

You might be thinking that installing a car attachment to your scooter is the last task that you need to think about. Far from it though, there are several optional accessories that might be considered gimmick by other people who do not really fancy scooter but important to you. The following list shows some of the most used accessories in a scooter sidecar.

  1. Calessino kit

Sometimes you might have to drive your scooter in the rain or in very sunny weather. It might not be comfortable, but you just have to ride on somehow. There is an accessory to make the ride more comfortable for the extra passenger in the cart, which is a Calessino. It is a small canopy that will provide shade for your scooter sidecar passenger. It can be purchased in complete kit or you can just purchase the canopy itself. It is made of waterproof material that can shield you from rain and the sun as well.

  1. Floor mat

The next accessory that is actually more of a functional part of a cart is floor mat. Floor mat ensures that the debris from your walk before getting into the cart will not be accumulated into the floor of the cart. That would be really difficult to clean. If you have a floor mat installed you only need to take it out, wash then dry it, before installing it back to your cart. It also provides nice cushion for your feet when you are riding. You need to cut the floor mat according to the shape of your cart’s floor so it fits snuggly inside.

  1. Fender lamps

The lamps are very useful especially if you are riding with scooter sidecar attached when it is dark outside. It will inform other riders or drivers around you that there is a cart attached to your scooter. It will help avoid unwanted accident. Not to mention that many fender lamps have beautiful designs. It will enhance the vintage feeling of your vehicle. You can also install rear fender lamps for extra safety.

  1. Seat

Every scooter sidecar already has a seat attached to its inside. However, sometimes you do not find the built in seat as comfortable or stylish enough for your vehicle. Some people opt to purchase seat not designed for the cart, but it might lead to grievous mistakes since the seat specifically designed for sidecar would have distinguish features from common seats. You can find this part easily in many sidecar workshops. They might come with in-service installation too.

  1. Emblem

This one can be considered a gimmick because it does not serve special or functional purpose. You can install the emblem of your scooter to the cart. Some workshops may provide it and even offered to install it to your cart. It is a nice aesthetical touch that makes your sidecar more wholesome.

These details will hopefully help you when considering purchasing a certain accessory for your scooter sidecar. The accessories mentioned might be a mere gimmick, but as you see some of them actually have functional purposes. You should not be afraid to spend money for something that you know will highly benefit you in the future.