Getting to Know the Trike Kit and Its Installation

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Have you ever seen a motorcycle with three wheels? It usually has one wheel installed at the front while the back has two wheels. This bike can stay upright while being parked. The bike does not have such form when it was first purchased. It receives trike kit installation so that the bike can look like that. Are you interested in learning about trike kit installation and its mechanism? You will learn more in the following part.

Learning Trike Kit Installation and Mechanism

If you consider installing trike kit to your regular two wheel bike, you should research about the installation process first. You will learn the gist of this process from the following bullet number points.

  1. Mounting bracket attachment

When installing this kit to your regular two wheel bike, the first thing that mechanic would work on is the mounting bracket. This particular part is the one that allows you to maintain the original shape of your bike. At times, you can ride your trike bike. However, you have the option to be able to detach it and use your bike as regular one.

When it comes to this trike kit part, you have to know that each bike will have its specific kit. The reason is because each bike model will have different structure. Even if two bikes come from same series, if the production years are different, you would likely unable to utilize the mounting hardware of one bike to the other.

  1. Frame adjustment

The next task after installing the bracket would be to adjust your frame. This adjustment is done so that you can ensure your newly converted bike would be able to cruise safely with the addition of weight at the back. This part of trike kit installation must be done with precision just like the previous part. If you miscalculate, there will be not so pleasant consequences for you later.

  1. Suspension testing

After that you can test the suspension of your converted bike to make adjustment on it. If you are skipping this step, you would not be able to ride your modified bike comfortably. Not to mention that the ride would be unsafe without this testing.

  1. Road test

Once you have make sure that the trike kit is properly installed and adjustments have been made in your bike, you need to conduct road test to gauge if you can ride the converted bike safely and comfortably. The road test must be comprehensive and be done in real environment to obtain accurate data. Once that is done, the process is finally completed.

Seeing that you have to go through complicated steps to convert your conventional bike into trike bike, you should leave this task to professional. If you insist on working on the project alone without basic skills to begin with, you risk your bike some irreparable damages. It can also be dangerous to ride trike that is not properly tuned in.

In addition, the trike kit is oftentimes not available for large public. Most manufacturers would only sell the kit to licensed shops with experiences in bike conversion. Even if you have to splurge for it, the result is worth it.