Tips and Trick of Riding Vehicle with Sidecar

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Are you thinking of adding a special attachment to your two wheeled vehicle but do not know what to add? You can consider attaching a sidecar to your motorcycle or scooter. It does not only enhance the aesthetical value of your vehicle because of its beautiful design. You can also gain various benefits from its installation. There is one thing that many riders worry about: how to ride a vehicle that has this attachment? Would it be different from riding bike or scooter that has nothing on it? Perhaps the following explanation might be able to shed off some of your doubts.

Riding Vehicle with a Sidecar Attachment

You might think that riding a vehicle with sidecar attached to it would be an easy task. Theoretically, you will have more balanced because there will be more surface of the vehicle that touches the ground. However, things are not going to be as easy when you start riding your bike or scooter. Although there is no new skill set that you need to master, you have to understand few cautions in riding an enhanced vehicle. Here are some key concepts that you will need to understand.

  1. The vehicle become asymmetrical

This first concept is actually the main concept that will affect your sidecar attached vehicle. It is the fact that your vehicle becomes asymmetrical after the installment. It certainly does not feel too different than riding normal vehicle when you are on straight and non-bumpy road at slow speed. The difference would be apparent if you need to make turn. It is because turning your vehicle to the left would not feel the same as turning to the right.

  1. Making sure the handle is as straight as possible

Another concept that you need to familiarize yourself with is making sure that your handle bar is going as straight as possible. If you accelerate, there is a tendency that your vehicle would veer to the right side. If you start lifting the control off then the vehicle might turn to left direction. It takes time to familiarize yourself with this type of steering but once you get the gist of it, everything will feel much simpler and less exhausting.

  1. Accelerating carefully

Another thing that you need to pay careful attention to is accelerating and slowing down really carefully. There are many riders who lose control of their vehicle because they do not perform this act slowly. One of the reasons is because your sidecar will accelerate differently from your vehicle which makes the ride becoming unbalance. It is particularly difficult when you need to turn. However, particularly in this type of enhanced vehicle, acceleration is important for you to create enough momentum in a turn.

  1. Throttle needs to be utilized appropriately

You have to utilize the throttle of your bike differently depending on the side. If you plan on steering your vehicle to the right direction, you have to open the throttle. It is going to tilt your system down on front right direction so turning right becomes easier. Meanwhile, if you want to steer your vehicle to the left direction, then the throttle needs to be closed. This particular action is going to slow down the spin of your back wheel in comparison to the wheel of your sidecar. Thus, your left steering would be easier.

  1. It is normal to have the cart rises up

Sometimes you will have a situation when the sidecar rises up a little bit from the ground. It is particularly apparent if you do not have someone riding on it. There is no problem with this condition, particularly during turning to a direction opposite to your cart’s placement. As long as you are aware with the positioning of your cart and able to control it, you will be able to make smooth turn with it. Practicing the technique becomes really pivotal although not totally unlike normal riding.

The explanation given is particularly based on the sidecar enhanced motorcycle. Riding with a scooter would be smoother than that, although you need to pay attention to some of the concepts mentioned there too. You have to practice riding with your vehicle before actually going to the road. It will provide you enough basic knowledge in controlling your vehicle.

There are some other tips to make sure that your ride is convenient with a sidecar.

  • Making sure to ride with a passenger

The best way to ride a sidecar enhanced vehicle is having the rider, passenger at the back, and passenger in the cart. It is going to provide balance to your vehicle. The worst arrangement possible would be having a passenger in the back while leaving the cart empty. You will easily lose control of your vehicle that way. One way to deal with this situation is weighing the cart with something heavy if you intend to ride it. Another way to tackle this issue is by detaching the sidecar if you do not have use of it.

  • Wearing safety gears during the ride

Everyone who rides with you need to wear safety gears, even the one who is sitting in the cart. It is a safety measure that needs to be done. Although some states do not make it imperative that passenger in the cart needs to wear safety gears, you have to take the initiative on your own. The gears include helmet, goggles, and closed footwear.

As you see there are some cautions that you need to take when riding a vehicle with attached sidecar. However, they should not deter you from installing this attachment to your vehicle. It is a safety precaution that you need to take in order to minimize the risk and obtaining maximum gains. As long as your vendor installed the attachment appropriately, you are safe.