Top 3 Affordable and Popular Vespa Choices

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It is not a secret anymore that Vespa made such a nice ride, especially in crowded urban areas. They are lightweight enough even to be compatible with young riders, and small enough to maneuver through the traffic and to be parked in small space.

If it was your first time purchasing a two wheels vehicle, then this scooter would undoubtedly make a better choice than the other. Your driving skill could be practiced by using it. However, to find the best models out of hundreds out there, it might be quite confusing. Here are few recommendations that could help you to make buying decision.

Best Vespa for Sale That Worth The Price

  1. Vespa Piaggio LX

Built with 151 cc engine, this beautiful buddy could amp up to 12.1 hp. It has electric starter which is very convenient because it starts instantly, along with forced-air cooling system. The vehicle moves smoothly thanks to the responsive system. It runs by unleaded petrol, has great fuel consumption control.


It also has storage for helmet under the seat as a nice addition. It is simply perfect to ride around the town or on the highway. Everything works well with easiness, as what always strive with their products.


  1. Vespa Sei Giorni

Despite the convenience that it offers, there is just so much that a scooter can offer, although it is admittedly one of its charms. The simple procedure to insert the key, start the engine and ride away around the neighborhood is part of the fun. However, what if you can get the maximum experience just by purchasing the right model?




  1. Vespa GS150

The GS in GS150 stands for Gran Sport, and first unveiled to the world in 1955 as an upgrade to its smaller brother GS125. It was the first scooter to receive success in mass market and probably the most recognizable motor globally, despite not being the first sporting or luxury vehicle in its class. This suits perfectly for you who put priority in your motor styling because the design is the pinnacle from its manufacturer.


The GS150 has gone through several tweaks in order to increase the speed. However, it is still the same wonderful rides to drive, due to its fastness and agility. It is worth to remember that even after 50 years launch, it adapts well on today’s road.

There is more of a Vespa than a vehicle; it is a lifestyle and passion. It’s hard to find better alternative to ride on a leisure travelling. It goes through the traffic, hard to access area, tiny parking areas really well. Not to mention the classic and iconic style, will make you feel welcomed when you arrive gracefully on the end of the ride. Most importantly, the great engines run efficiently so it’s great to own if you save budget often.