General Stuff about Scooter that You Need to Know

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You may be wondering why some people would be interested in buying a scooter than a regular motorcycle. If you like riding around the city in a relaxed manner – feeling the wind gently blows your face and the laid-back atmosphere – then, the vehicle would be the right option. Moreover, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to drive around the city, and the power or speed isn’t important to you, then you have yourself a perfect match!


Understanding Scooter

When we are talking about a motorized vehicle, scooter is included in the category. It shares similar features and specs like the motorcycle, and yet, both of them have their own differences. The engine is the crucial part that makes the scooter different from the motorcycle.


The scooter has the engine that is less than 150cc. Meanwhile, the motorcycle has at least 250cc. Moreover, scooters have shorter wheelbase with smaller wheels. The construction is designed that way so it would be easier and safer to maneuver and operate at lower speed. However, such a construction won’t be safe for faster speed. When you ride on a motorcycle, it encourages forward-leaning riding position while scooter is more about upright position. 


Considerations when Buying the Scooter

When you want to buy a scooter, there are several important things to consider, such as:

  • The engine size. Scooters’ engine ranges from 50cc to 150cc. Smaller engine would lead to less power – and the scooter would run slowly. But they are relatively cheaper when compared to the bigger size scooters.
  • Electric or gas? Today’s scooters can run on electricity too. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money for the gas. But electric scooters are less powerful and slower – when compared to the gas scooters.
  • Storage. Modern scooters are coming with extra features, especially for the storage compartment. Do you need a trunk? What about under-the-seat storage, or a front basket?
  • Speed. As it was mentioned before, smaller engines have slower speed, running only around 15 mph. The more powerful ones can run up to 60 mph.


Where Is Your Scooter Option?

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