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Parts and Accessories

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Bracket handlebar, for Vespa 125 V30-33

Bracket handlebar, for Vespa125 V30-33/VU/APE AB1-2silver..


Bracket mounting

Bracket mounting side panel,glove box side, for VespaV98/ 125 V1-15/Hoffmannpremium quality..


Brake Drum Front "Highbrake"

Brake Drum PINASCO front,"Highbrake" for Vespa 98/125V1-15/V30-33/VU/VM/VN/VNA/Hoffmann/VNB/ACMA/150..


Brake Drum, rear

Brake Drum PINASCO rear, "Hi....ghbrake" for Vespa 98/125 V1-15/V30-33/VU/VM/VN/VNA/Hoffmann/VNB/ACM..


Brake Pedal for Vespa 98

Brake Pedal for Vespa 98/125V1-15/Hoffmann A/Bround..


Brake Pedal Pad

Brake Pedal Pad for Vespa50 N 2°/L 2°/R 1°/S 2°/SpecialV5A2/3T/V5B1/2/4T/3T 1°/SR1°/SS 2°/90 2°/R/SS..


Brake Shoes PIAGGIO 8"

Brake Shoes PIAGGIO 8"/9"/10",front, for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/PK50/S/SS/XL/98/125 V1-33/VU/VM/VN/Hoff..


Brake Shoes, front

Brake Shoes MALOSSI 8"/9"/10",front, BRAKE POWER for Vespa50 Special V5B1-4T/SR/SS/90 R/SS/100 2°/12..


Brake Shoes, rear

Brake Shoes NEWFREN 8", rear,for Vespa 125 V1-33/VM/VN/VNA/VNB1-3T/150 VL/VB/VBA/VBB1T/VGL1w 23 mm,1..


Brake Shoes, rear for Vespa 125

Brake Shoes NEWFREN 8", rear,"AntiAQUA" for Vespa 125 V1-33/VM/VN/VNA/VNB1-3/150 VL/VB/VBA/VBB1/VGL1..


Cable Kit for Vespa 125

Cable Kit for Vespa 125 V1-15/V30-33/VM/VN/150 VL/VB1/Hoffmann/ACMA alsowith PTFE sleeve, cross patt..


Calessino Cover

View Album On:SKU: PRT 018Calessino CoverPrice: $500.00..


Calessino Kit 1

View Album on:Rear Compartment Ape Calessino include: Soft top cover, frame top cover, Wood compartm..


Carburettor Kit

Carburettor Kit PINASCO Dell....'Orto PHVB 22mm for Vespa125 VM/VN/ACMA/150 VL/VB/VGL1SPORT-TUNING, ..